ACM S3 2014


The 6th annual S3 Workshop.
Wireless of the Students, by the Students, for the Students

To be held in conjunction with: ACM MobiCom 2014.
Maui, Hawaii, USA.

Workshop September 7, 2014


The S3 workshop provides a unique venue for graduate students around the world to discuss research ideas for mobile and wireless systems. The workshop is organized by a student-run TPC. S3 aims to foster early-career development among students, expose them to the workings of an academic life, and encourage student leadership and participation in the research community. We anticipate a vibrant event where students can freely interact with a broad peer group, share their research opinions, and discover areas for collaboration.

Travel Grants

ACM S3 is planning to provide travel grant and registration waivers to selected student attendees. For instructions on how to apply, please check the email sent by the S3 TPC. If you have a paper, poster, or a demo at the workshop, *please inform your co-authors* about the grant application and ask them to apply too if they would like to be considered.


Copyright © 2014, ACM S3.
Credits: Photographs taken from Hawaii Official Tourism Website